Badass Pads™ aren’t like other motorcycle pillion pads. They’re Bad Ass!

Badass Pads™ are a superior motorcycle pillion pad compared to anything on the market today in terms of comfort, style and ease of use. Without using straps or suction cups, our innovative and reusable pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) allows the rider to provide a safe and comfortable riding experience for a passenger. Our patented design removes the worry of scratches, rings or dents in the fender paint. We use a superior combination gel and memory foam insert that makes Badass Pads™ the most comfortable, detachable passenger seat anyone will ever sit on!

Badass Pads™ take removable passenger seats to the next level! Our goal is to provide cycle enthusiasts the ability to offer a comfortable ride for a passenger without having to install a permanent second seat. Our unique design also eliminates the need for temporary seats that damage the expensive custom paint job on your bike’s fender. Utilizing our pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and combination gel/memory foam inserts, Badass Pads™ do just that!

Badass Pads™ come in three sizes; medium, small or sneak. The medium pad is 11” x 9 1/2” and 1 1/8” thick. The small pad measures 9 1/8” x 7 1/4” and 1 1/8” thick. The convenient Sneak Pad is 9” x 7” and does not have an insert which makes it only 1/4” inch thick. This allows it be carried in a pocket or slipped under your driver’s seat for the instances when a passenger is unexpected to ensure a scratch free fender.

Badass Pads™ are easy to temporarily apply to and remove from your bike’s fender. Simply remove the protective plastic sheet, apply the pad to the dry fender, and press down firmly on the pad. The pad will remain in place for the duration of the ride. When the ride is over, gently pull up from one corner to let the sticky gel (PSA) release at its own rate. Make sure to replace the protective plastic sheet for storage until the next time you’ll want to use your Badass Pad™.

The best part is NO SCRATCHES, RINGS or DENTS will be left behind!

Badass Pads™ are very easy to clean. If for whatever reason the PSA were to get dirty, clean with dish soap and water.

Planning a longer ride? Badass Pads™ can be applied to your existing seat as well! This way you can enjoy the open road in the comfort you desire!


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